No Review Today/Life Update

By: Sara Cleveland

*Warning, if you can’t stand even obviously fake blood, do NOT click through the pictures in this post*

I wanted to have a review up today, but it just wasn’t in the cards this week. All of Saturday was spent participating in a 48 Hour Film Horror Project with my husband and his friends. If you live in NE Ohio and want to see our ~5 minute ball of cheese, the premire details can be found here. We are in group A.

The premise of our little film is that an actor, Freddie, is lured in with a fake casting call by Dr. John Shelley, who wants to use him for illicit experimentation. But the miracle drug Dr. Shelley is trying to create has an unintended consequence…

Honestly, filming it was a lot of fun. I got my first (questionable) screenwriting credit, and got to play with SFX make-up. I’ll let y’all be the judge of how I did on both counts. We are not pros and had no idea what we were doing 99% of the time. Would we do it again? I think the jury is still out on that, haha.

After filming on Saturday, my second covid shot hit me like a ton of bricks and absolutely nothing got done that night. Kind of it to wait till we were done, no? Anyway, I spent Sunday taking it easy on myself and (again) didn’t get a whole lot done. However, I intend to get through a couple of books this week and should have new reviews coming soon. Bared Magic is now with the editor, so I will have more time to focus on reading for the next week or two.